Rattlesnake Ripple at Pineview Park
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Primary Contact


Alison Reintjes - artist


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Artist’s statement:

Rattlesnake Ripple is a 15’ x 6’ ceramic mural comprised of 200 individual tiles and installed on the north-facing wall of the storage building at Pineview Park. The mural references the seasonal water currents, cycles and flows in nearby Rattlesnake Creek. Rattlesnake Creek is important to local tribes, was the site of Missoula’s earliest settlement, has a strong history of mining and logging, and has been reinvented as an important recreation area and natural setting for the city of Missoula. This is the watershed for the largest wilderness directly adjacent to an urban setting.  Missoula citizens and Rattlesnake Valley residents identify with the waterways of this place. This mural reminds them of the local history and natural beauty that surrounds them. The theme of the mural is open enough to invite reflection and encourage individual experience.

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