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Trees for Missoula
Trees for Missoula

Trees for Missoula are educators, advocates and stewards who strongly support and promote a larger, healthier urban forest for Missoula.

Trees for Missoula educates residents about the value and benefits of urban trees and the roles we all play in keeping those trees healthy by promoting the proper planting and care of trees.

  • Plant a tree this October for Neighborwoods Month! Find out about volunteer planting events here.
  • Become a VIP! Learn how to prune young trees and then put those new skills to good use by volunteering for our urban forest! Find out about Volunteers In Pruning classes here.
  • Please Water the Trees! We are in a period of extended drought conditions, and all trees need supplemental water! Find out more about watering here.

Together we can improve the city’s environment, build community and connect with the natural world and each other.

Featured Project

Missoula Bike Parks Project at Bellevue Park
Missoula Bike Parks Project at Bellevue Park

Friends of Missoula Parks and the Southgate Triangle Neighborhood are supporting the Missoula Bike Parks Project and raising funds to build a bicycle skills course in Bellevue Park!

Highlights of the park includes:

  • A progressive bike skills layout allowing riders to progress not only through the park, but as their skills develop, to larger features within the same park.
  • Pump tracks with continuous hills and berms.
  • A progressive jump line for BMX Riders of a range of skill levels.
  • Bicycle work station with basic tools available for public use.
  • Walking paths, and connectivity to sustainable transportation trails and bus stops.

Friends of Missoula Parks was formed in 2002 by residents to promote parks, recreation, conservation lands, and forestry in the community of Missoula and the surrounding area. We provide a variety of ways in which community members can contribute to Missoula Parks and Recreation.